When it comes to golf instruction, the Stocktons are living proof that three heads are better than one. The combined knowledge of Dave Sr., Ron, and Dave Jr. has created an enterprise unmatched in its ability to provide immediate short game success. Stockton Golf's recent domination in the instruction arena is the evolution of 70+ years; after all, this teaching powerhouse has been honing its approach over three generations of Stocktons. Since 2009, the group has contributed to more than 60 Tour wins across the globe and has fully engaged the golf world through books, magazines, DVDs, television, and the Internet.

It is well known that Dave Sr. is a success in his own right with a full complement of wins - including 5 Majors - on the PGA and Champions Tours. Dave also impressively performed in up to 80 corporate outings per year during the 1980s and '90s. However, it wasn't until 2009 that he joined his son, Ron, in the formal endeavor of instruction. Ron was already well entrenched in the field, having taught amateurs and Tour Pros for over 25 years. With Dave's playing schedule cut back due to injuries, father and son seized the opportunity to transform Dave Stockton Enterprises into Stockton Golf®. Not long after, Dave Jr. officially joined the teaching cohort, himself a 10-year Tour veteran with years of corporate outing experience.

Astonishingly, the seeds of Stockton Golf® were planted nearly 80 years ago by one man: Dave's father, Gail, a successful professional at a private club in Southern California. Gail studied concepts from Alex Morrison, a teacher famous for working with golf legends Henry Picard, Ben Hogan, and Sam Snead. Gail continued to perfect Morrison's approach, a set of principles that was well ahead of its time. That approach would benefit Dave immensely, with Gail serving as his only instructor (until Ron took those reins in the '80s).

Even as Dave embarked on his highly acclaimed career, neither he nor Gail could have imagined how effective those principles would be, nor why they were so effective. It would take a third generation of Stocktons to uncover the real secret to Stockton Golf's instructional success. Combining his research on the mental game with what he had learned from his dad and grandfather, Ron discovered why the Stocktons' Signature Approach® had such a significant and rapid impact. Dave would add these insights into the best-selling instructional book and DVD, Unconscious Putting.

With its simple and clear approach, Stockton Golf® hopes to re-ignite the world's passion for the game, drawing back those who have given up on golf; attracting new players; opening up avenues for players with disabilities; helping golfers surprise their competitors with a level of game previously unseen; and elevating play at the Pro level.